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This section will help you resolve any problems you may be having with your screen or using the CMS.

For a detailed guide on how you should set-up, update and manage your system please download the appropriate User Manual.

If you cannot find the solution you are looking for in the F.A.Q. section why not drop us a support message and one of our trained technical staff will get back to you as soon as possible to assist in getting you up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions
  How do I update my screen?
  What is the best web browser to use for TOPAZCMS.net?
  How do I view this site using Internet Explorer 11?
  How do I create my own layout for content?
  How do I use the remote control?
  I need technical support, who do I contact?
  Why is my screen displaying "Error (Screen Mode Unmatch)"?
  How do I connect my screen to the internet via Wi-Fi?
  When I save my playlist, I see the message: "Being processed. Please publish later!" - how long do I have to wait?
  How do I update my screen if it is not connected to the internet? (Plug and play method)
  How do I convert my video file to a compatible format?

User Manuals

Out detailed User Manuals will get you up & running in no time plus they provide some great tips and guides to show you how to get the most out of your screens and CMS software.

  TOPAZ SL Series Displays
  TOPAZ ASL Series Displays
  TOPAZ CMS Media Player
  TOPAZ Content Management System